• Cloud and Infrastructure

    It’s not just the popularity of cloud technologies that is on the rise

    Stakeholders in all industries have a growing demand for increased business agility and cost reductions in relation to their IT infrastructure and applications. Many of these executives and officers have focused on migrating to the cloud as part of their strategy to reach these goals.

    In general, these migrations by organizations follow either a hybrid or multicloud strategy. Hybrid cloud is defined as a combination of cloud services that are deployed both on-premises and in the cloud. Multicloud means using multiple cloud computing service providers across a single heterogeneous environment for applications, software or infrastructure.


    Oppidum is proud to offer opportunities to design, build, and manage the networks enabling global business innovation.


    Opportunities include:


    • Cloud Architects;
    • Cloud Engineers;
    • Heads of Infrastructure;
    • Data Centre Engineers.


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